Chrome OS to Get a ‘Quick Fix’ Channel (Managed Chromebooks Only)

Chrome OS currently has four different “channels” or versions to pick from:

  • Stable – the version that everyone should be using. As the name suggests, this is the stable version of Chrome OS.
  • Beta – well, it is beta version of Chrome OS, and you see a less stable version of Chrome OS.
  • Dev – Developer channel where experimental features are released for developers to test.
  • Canary – the most experimental version of Chrome OS, updates almost every day, but not good for daily use.

Today, I have news about a new channel that is going to be added to this list. This new channel will be called “Quick Fix”

Chrome OS Quick Fix Channel

The first thing to note is that Quick Fix channel will be Chrome-OS-only. Google Chrome will not have a Quick Fix channel. Here is the code comment that makes this clear:

Chrome OS Quick Fix Channel

The comment on that code is referring to the ongoing project that will split operating system and browser settings in Chrome OS.

Where does this fit in?

That was my first question when I spotted this code commit. Is it beta or stable or something in between?. Another comment on that code commit helped me here.

Why Quick Fix Channel?

In this code comment, a developer asks another if the Quick Fix channel is “more stable than the Stable channel” because of the order in which it is listed.

The second developer answers that it should actually go between Stable and Beta.

I am really curious to find out why the team is adding a new channel to the list. The code commit that I noticed today does not give away any information related to that. The bug associated with this change is private, so no luck there as well.

Why do you think they created this new channel? Let me know in comments, let’s start the rumor mill going!

Update: 9to5Google adds that this is going to be for enterprise users only (I am assuming this will also include educational institutions). G Suite admins will be able to push updates to this channel via a policy.

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