“Recent” Section of Chrome OS File Manager to Include Files from Linux Too

Files“, the built-in file manager app has a “Recent” section which shows recently used files. This list includes files from Chromebook’s local storage, files from Google Drive and even files from Android apps.

Google is working on bringing Linux files to this list.

The code commit that I noticed today clearly says “Add Crostini in FilesApp recents”. Fortunately, the bug associated this change is also available for us to review.

The bug also has this good-to-know piece of information:

For crostini, it ignores files or folders that start with a dot. It also only goes to a depth of 4 directories.

That is the comment from the engineer who added this feature to the Chromium OS code base today.

So, when this becomes available, Chrome OS Files app will show files that you accessed from the Linux section of the operating system in the Recent files. This list will exclude system files and folders that usually start with a dot in their name.

I like Linux but I am not an enthusiast of Linux-in-Chromebooks. However, I can see how useful this feature is going to be, for Crostini fans here.

Are you one of them?

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