Google Launches Animated ‘Chromebook Simulator’ Help Site

For the past few weeks, I have been busy writing some very long Chrome OS resources like this one here. Looks like the technical communication team at Google was also quite busy putting together a new type of helpful resource.

Chromebook Simulator is an animated interactive tutorial that walks you through various Chrome OS tasks. On the left, you have a menu, and on the right, a picture of a Chromebook where you can try things like updating your Chromebook and resetting it etc.

These are very basic, but easy to follow step-by-step guides. I am sure this will be really useful for new Chrome OS users.

I encourage you to try this new resource and also share it with any Chrome OS newbies that you know.

PS: Please share your feedback on my resources too! I have a bunch of long guides in the making (you will see some work-in-progress versions linked from the footer of this blog.)

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