Chrome Story Turns 10 Today! (New Logo & YouTube Channel)

Today, 15th February 2019, Chrome Story turns 10. This blog post is mostly to say thank you and to announce a couple of new things.

I started this blog in February of 2009, a few days after I got married. So this year marks our 10th wedding anniversary as well. So, let me start by saying THANK YOU to my wife for all the support that she has given me and continues to give.

(Oh, btw, that includes the new-and-shiny Pixel Slate and the official keyboard that she gifted for this occasion.)

A special thank you my fellow Chromies. (You know who you are!) You guys have been my go-to experts for questions and clarifications. You guys also work (without pay) as my proofreaders. I have learned a lot from you! Honestly, I sometimes feel guilty for monetizing your expertise!

Thank you to each and everyone who reads Chrome Story. I know most of you do not come and comment on articles here, but I know that you are reading, and I appreciate that!

To those of you who do write comments, THANK YOU

Thank you to my fellow bloggers, Joey, Gabe, Robby, Ben and folks at Android Police and XDA Developers. Thank you for all the support and links / mentions.

So, what’s new?

New Logo

First of all, we have a new logo. It is a simple take on how Chrome Story tells the story of Chrome and Chrome OS. Here you go:

Thank you, Arun for the new design! At this point, I should also thank Thijs who designed the first logo of Chrome Story.

YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is something that I always wanted to do. However, I never felt confident enough to do it. I was also really shy about standing in front of the camera and speaking. Forget , I can’t even look at the mirror for more than 5 seconds (don’t ask me why!)

Here is a sample video 🙂

It took me a while to started and feel confident about it, but I am slowly making progress. I already have a few videos published, including one with me speaking to the camera!. everyone who encouraged me to get started. Special thanks to Mardi and others who commented on this thread.

Chrome Story’s new YouTube channel is now live and ready for you to subscribe! You can visit the channel on YouTube or click the Subscribe button below.

Here is the animated video intro for the channel. I am waiting for the music for this, but I want to give you a sneak peek into what’s coming.

Update: I now have the music file! So, expect the next video from me with this intro, complete with music! A bug shoutout to my childhood friend Milton for the music!

A special and big thank you, my first 100+ subscribers who joined me even before this official announcement post!

Also, thank you to my friends at 9to5Google, Android Police and XDA Developers who were kind enough to link to my articles and even embed a couple of my recent videos!

I am still learning the whole video/YouTube thing. Your feedback and comments are much appreciated. I will be thrilled to have you join my YouTube channel!

(Almost) New Direction

Well, not completely new. You guys might have noticed this already. Chrome Story now focuses more on Chrome OS compared to Chromebooks, the hardware.

This change was required because, for one, there are plenty of folks who do this better than me. They do an impressive job of keeping track of new and upcoming devices (especially Robby and Gabe at Chrome Unboxed).

Two, I live in Bangalore, India. That makes it next to impossible to get my hands on new hardware.

However, I can write about Chrome and Chrome OS as much as I want! So, I decided to write more about Chrome OS and (very) less about the hardware.

I would love to write more about Chromecast. That is something that I am planning to do more of in coming weeks.

Similarly, on the YouTube channel also, you will see more Chrome OS related news and tips and less of Chromebooks and reviews etc. That is why most of my videos are and will be screencasts.

Thank you again.

PS: Now, questions for you:

  1. Did you like the new logo?
  2. Did you watch any of my videos? Are you able to follow my accent?
  3. What is your opinion on the type of content that I write about on Chrome Story? I tend to write news about upcoming features (way before they reach Stable channel) and also write long-form resources for Chrome OS users.
  4. Which type of content do you like to see more ?
  5. Do you want me to write about new features reaching Stable channel?
  6. What type of content do you want to see on my YouTube channel?

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