[Opinion] Chromecast and Google Assistant Should Merge

I don’t usually write opinion pieces on Chrome Story. However, this is the second time that I am writing about the possible merger of Chromecast and Google Assistant platforms.

I started thinking about this again when I heard the news that Google Home Hub runs Cast platform and not Android Things.

Google Home Hub is one of the handful Assistant devices featuring a display. However, Hub is the only device among them using Google’s Cast OS instead of Android Things.

Google wants to put Assistant on all possible devices. This was clearly visible on CES 2019. There were a lot of devices with Assistant support, including a small device that you can plug into your car to start using Assistant hands free there too.

Here is another logical (at least according to me) step that they can take. Add a microphone to Chromecast and Chromecast Audio. Make every TV a Google Assistant with audio. Make every speaker a Google Home device.

Cast is Not the Primary Feature

Casting is not the primary feature on my Google Home Hub. It is not the only thing that my Hub can do. Why can’t be my TV like that?

Why can’t it be an Assistant device with screen when I am not casting, just like my Google Home Hub?

One comment that I remember from my last article is this; Chromecast will be behind the TV and may not hear us speaking. Looking at the way (or far away) my Home Hub and Home Mini is responding to me, I don’t think it is going to be impossible for my Chromecast to hear me and respond to me from behind the TV.

So, again, what do you think? Do you think this is a logical step for Google? Will they actually merge the Cast and Assistant platforms and bring out a single one?

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