Chrome Tests ‘Sneak Peek’ on Android

Chrome’s “Sneak Peek” is a feature that I forgot to write about on Chrome Story. Today, I have an update to share on Sneak Peek.

“Ephemeral Tab” or “Sneak Peek” lets you view click on links and view contents without leaving the current page. Here is how it looks like:

This is good and useful. However, there was no way to open this new link in a new tab if you wanted to. Android Central called this out while reporting on this feature.

Chrome developers took notice of this and started working on this feature. The bug that they created to track this feature mentions the Android Central article (how cool is that!)

I noticed a code commit today pushing this feature into Chrome for Android. The commit log says “EphemeralTab: Promote to a new tab”.

In an upcoming update to Chrome for Android, we will get an option to take a peek at links and open that link in a new tab from there, if we want to.

Anyone who’d say “I don’t want this feature” ?

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