Chrome for Android to Get a ‘Close All Tabs’ Icon

Google Chrome for Android will soon have an icon to easily close all the open tabs.

Currently, this option is available through the settings menu. This new icon will make it easier for you to close all the tabs, with one tap.

I spotted this change today in a code commit:

[Duet] Three button tab switcher bottom toolbar

This CL makes the tab switcher bottom bar have three buttons:
close all tabs, new tab, and menu buttons.

Duet, if you remember, is the new name for the old Duplex project. Google had to rename this new design for Android to Duet to avoid confusing it with the Assistant feature called Duplex.

Here is how the icon will look like:

Now, here is a screenshot of how this icon will look like, on Chrome for Android:

I got that from  the bug associated with this code change. You will notice two changes there. One of course is the new close all tabs button. The second is the new tab icon in the middle. This is also a welcome addition, making it easy to open a new tab while viewing all the open tabs.

For reference, here is how it looks like on the Canary version of Chrome for Android.

I am hoping to see this in action very soon, maybe a few weeks from now, on the Canary channel.

I think this is going to be a useful feature, but I would love to hear what you guys think. Let me know in comments!

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