‘Dessert Time’ Wallpapers Added Pixelbook

I noticed this new addition to the Chrome OS Wallpaper app two days ago. However, I did not really check and verify if the new category has been added to my Pixel phone.

I did that today and I don’t see it there. I asked a couple of my friends and they also do not have this on their phone. So, looks like this is a Pixelbook if not Chrome OS exclusive, at least for now.

The new category has seven new wallpapers, all illustrations of desserts. The section, like all the others, has the “Daily Refresh” option too.

The Chrome OS wallpaper app, which was recently made the default option in Chrome OS, has the same categories and icon as the official Wallpaper app from Google for Android.

So, this seems to be a little odd. I am not convinced that we are going to see a set of Chrome OS or Pixelbook exclusive wallpapers in the Wallpaper app.

That makes this an Android news as much as a Chrome OS news. If you are an Android or Chrome OS users, keep an eye out for the next Wallpaper app update, and you might get this sweet treat! 

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