Here is Google’s ‘Continue Reading’, a Feature Similar to Apple’s ‘Handoff’

A feature that XDA spotted recently in Chrome OS code has landed in the latest Canary version of Chrome OS as a flag.

“Continue Reading” works similar to Apple’s Handoff feature that’s part of the larger “Continuity” theme.

What’s Continue Reading?

Chrome already supports tag syncing between all its versions. You can open Chrome on Windows and pick up tabs that you were browsing on your phone and vice versa.

What makes “Continue reading” different?

For starters, it has an uninteresting name. The biggest feature of Continue Reading however the fact that you don’t have to go looking for your tabs from your phone. In fact, this could even be annoying for some users. To be specific, this could be “always annoying” for some users and “occasionally annoying” for most users.


You’ll see the most recent tab from your phone right on your launcher. Like this:

It could be slightly annoying when the tab that you had open on your phone has a very long title.

Here is how it looks like when the launcher is open:

The Flag

This feature is currently available on Chrome OS Canary behind the following flag:

Name: Enable continue reading

Description: Enable continue reading in Launcher, which allows users to seamlessly continue reading a web page when they switch devices from phones or tablets to Chromebooks. – Chrome OS

URL:  chrome://flags/#enable-continue-reading

It will be interesting to know if Google has plans for more advanced features around “Continue reading’ It works pretty well, even in this early stages.

Stay tuned for more!

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