Android-like App Shortcuts Coming to Chromebooks

App Shortcuts is an Android feature added in version 7.1, Nougat. This lets you long tap on app icons to open a small menu of quick actions. This was Google’s way of adding app shortcuts without those fancy displays on iPhones that can detect tap pressure.

Looks like Android apps on Chrome OS will also get this feature.

Which is only fair.

This feature is currently under development. However, if you are on the Chrome OS Dev channel, you can give this a try. The Chrome OS Dev channel now comes with a flag that enables this feature.

The Flag

Flag Name: Touchable App Context Menu

URL: chrome://flags/#enable-touchable-app-context-menu

Description: Enable the touchable app context menu, which enlarges app context menus in the Launcher and Shelf to make room for new features. – Chrome OS

Enable this flag, restart Chrome OS and you should see this feature in action. If you have a Chromebook with touchscreen, this will feel more natural. It will be easier to start a new conversation using a chat app or start composing a new email, with this shortcut.

What we really need now Google, is lock screen notifications (which we know that you guys are already working on) and widgets. Can you tell me how long will that take, please?

Via François Beaufort, Happiness Evangelist at Google.

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