Google Renames ‘Chrome Duplex’ to ‘Chrome Duet’

Google Chrome team was happily working on an experimental homepage for the Android version of the browser. Then came Google I/O 2018 and along with it the new and revolutionary Google Duplex.

Duplex was a Hollywood grade science-fiction-movie-like feature that everyone went crazy about. After all that press, it must have become difficult for the team to use the phrase Chrome Duplex without confusing people into believing that it is the same deal as Google Duplex, the AI.

According to a code change request I spotted today, the Chrome team has renamed Chrome Duplex to Chrome Duet to avoid this confusion. I cannot say that I am impressed with the new name, but considering this is an experimental feature, this sounds ok for now.

The commit log clearly states that they are doing this to avoid this confusion:

Rename Chrome Duplex to Chrome Duet

This rename is to avoid name collision with Google Duplex; a feature
completely unrelated to Chrome toolbars.

So the next time you see Chrome Duet being mentioned in code requests or flags or even blog posts here and elsewhere, remember that this is the same old Chrome Duplex!

PS: This reminds me of an app that had to change its name because it sounded just like an infamous terrorist organization.

Screenshot via Android Police.

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