Chrome for MacOS to Show Suggested Text on Touch Bar

Google Chrome will soon use MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar to offer suggested text while typing. This feature is currently available on Canary channel under a flag.

If you have one of those new MacBook Pros with Touch Bar, you will be familiar with multiple apps using it to add shortcuts and such. There are apps giving suggested text too. Google Chrome will soon take advantage of this feature.

The Code

The commit log explains how this feature will work:

When text is selected in a textfield, the touch bar displays options
to replace the selected text. Clicking on one of the options will
replace the selected text with the selected option.

It talks about replacing the selected text, however, I am assuming that the Touch Bar will show suggested text as we type. I do not have a MacBook Pro with touch bar, so cannot test this yet.

The Flag

If you have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and you use Chrome Canary (Dev channel might get this flag soon), here is the flag to look for on the chrome://flags page:

Suggested Text Touch Bar

Enable suggested text touch bar for textfields

Enable this flag, restart Chrome and try typing in one of the text fields, for example, the comments section of this blog post! Let me know how it goes!

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