Google Assistant on Chromebook to Merge with Notifications

There is only one Chromebook with Google Assistant, Google’s own Pixelbook. Google Assistant on the Pixelbook shows up on its own box on the bottom left corner of the screen. This is changing. Assistant will soon part of Chrome OS’ native notifications.

The Code

As usual, I found this in a recent code change request:

Assistant: Add notification framework

This patch adds the framework to connect assistant notification to
Chrome OS notification.
1. New class AssistantNotificationController.
2. Create basic system notification OnShowNotification.

Further, you will see more mentions of this integration in inline code comments:

Clearly, the plan is to integrate Assistant deeper into the Chrome OS operating system and make it a streamlined experience for the user. That’s one thing, but there is another thing that I am speculating here.

More Chromebooks to Get Assistant Support?

Here is my theory. Google wanted to launch the Pixelbook with Assistant support. So, it was added as a widget/plugin which wasn’t a 100% integration with Chrome OS. A streamlined implementation needed for more time and effort.

I consider this new change as a result of such an effort. That means Chrome OS is now ready to carry Assistant similar to how Android does. That also means Google can easily add Assistant to more Chromebooks *happy dance*.

Well, that’s just my speculation or something that you would call an educated guess. What are your thoughts? Let me know.

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