‘Snooze Notifications’ Coming to Chrome OS too

At this stage, we shouldn’t be surprised to see more Android features coming to Chrome OS. We have the full Google Play Store on Chromebooks now, so these features are bound to come to Chrome OS too. Here is the latest. Android’s Snooze Notifications feature will soon be available for Android apps on Chrome OS too.

This feature is currently being worked on, so I do not have screenshots to show you. I can, however, share the description from the code change request, as usual.

Support snooze for ARC notifications This CL introduces the snooze feature for ARC notifications and adds a button to call the feature. Design doc: go/arc-snooze

And no, we cannot access that design document or the bug related to this code change. For now, we will have to wait for a Chrome OS update that brings in this change. I am hoping to see this in one of the upcoming updates to the Canary Channel.

Snooze Feature on Android

Google introduced notification snoozing in Android Oreo. You can snooze any notification to come back to it later. This was one of the most popular features added to Android O.  There were third-party applications to do this. However, Android O made this a default feature of the operating system.

From the way this feature is explained in the code change request, snoozing will be available only to notifications from Android apps. Regular Chrome OS notifications are not going to have this option. I am assuming that in a distant future, there will only be Android notifications on Chrome OS. (Will that still be Chrome OS?).

Stay tuned for screenshots and more information when this feature lands in Chrome OS. For now, share your opinion in the comments.

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