Get Google Image Search ‘View Image”‘ Button Back With This Chrome Extension

Google recently removed the “View Image” button from their image search results. If you are someone who uses Google Image Search regularly as part of your work or any other activity, this is something that you would really want back. Luckily, there is a Chrome extension for that.

Google Search “View Image” Button

Google Search “View Image” Button is a Chrome extension that does exactly what the name says. It brings the “View Image” button back to your Google Image Search results page.

This is basically a “plug-n-play” extension. Install the extension and forget about it. You will start seeing the View Image button on your next Google image search. This extension already has more than sixty-five thousand users.

Furthermore, this extension is also open source and the code is available on Github if you want to contribute to this project. You can access the Github page for this extension here.

You can install the extension here. Go ahead and continue searching for cat images now.

One response to “Get Google Image Search ‘View Image”‘ Button Back With This Chrome Extension”

  1. Vincent Ree

    Has Chrome wiped this out already?

    I did add this extension and it worked well but now the View Image button is gone. When I check the Chrome Web Store, it says that I have already added the extension.

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