Here is One More Version of Material Design for Google Chrome

We recently saw an updated design of Google Chrome’s new design. That version is currently enabled by default on the Dev channel of Chrome and Chrome OS. However, Google has one more version under the hoods. Here is how it looks like:

The new design reminds me of Firefox tabs. The new tab icon is back as a plus sign here. For comparison, here is the “other” version:

The version with a rounded new tab icon is called “Touchable”. This is the version that is currently enabled by default in Chrome Canary build. That makes me think that this is Google’s primary choice.

The new version that looks like Firefox is called “MD Refresh. You can test these versions, among others, using the flag “UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome”. There is a drop-down menu to select different variations of top chrome.

So, which do you think should be the winner? Do you think Google should give us an option to choose?

Thanks, William Greene.

One response to “Here is One More Version of Material Design for Google Chrome”

  1. It is not nice of Google to copying another browser UI (btw today FF UI looks even better). Few tips:
    1. “+” is a must – any other mine browser has it today
    2. title “mask” (fade the cut title) is a must – benefits for UX, is used also in FF and Opera
    3. don’t use “V” shape tabs because it would only cause “dead zone”

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