Child Accounts are Coming Back to Chrome OS

Remember I told you about the Chrome OS Account Manager that showed up in code? In that post, I mentioned that this could be a sign of Child Accounts coming back to Chrome OS.

Today, I have more direct proof of such a thing happening. Here is the code commit that I noticed today:

arc: Add feature that activates ARC for child accounts. This is required to run finch experiment for dogfooders. Test: Manually + unit test Bug: 824447 Change-Id: I84f8a32df7c40c41e4327d2db709f2998c448113

That bug is not reachable, so I cannot tell you about this in more details. However, the description is quite straightforward. Chrome OS will soon get the Child Accounts feature back.

This commit talks about providing ARC, or Android features to child accounts on Chrome OS. Reading this along with the previous Chrome OS Account Manager commit, I think things are pretty clear now.

Some more code from within that commit:

if (user->GetType() == usermanager::USERTYPE_CHILD) {
if (!base::FeatureList::IsEnabled(arc::kAvailableForChildAccountFeature)) {
VLOG(1) << “ARC usage by Child users is prohibited”;
return false;

We might see more details on how this works soon. So, if you have been waiting to get this feature back, stick around and we will definitely have more soon.

Looking at the fact that the feature is coming back within a few months of its removal, I am eager to find out what big changes are we going to see.

Do you have any guesses?

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  1. Here’s hoping. This was the feature that made a Chromebook of use to me, as a study machine for my kids, with a white-list. Now the chromebook is just a bookend.

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