Is This World’s First Chrome OS Tablet?

A tweet from the annual BETT Technology and Education show at London shows an Acer tablet running Chrome OS. Unfortunately, there are no additional details, but just an image. So we do not know the specs or any other details of this device.

This news was brought out to the world by this Twitter user and was spotted by our friends at Chrome Unboxed.

This looks like an 8 or 10-inch tablet, with Chrome OS running on it. You can see the Guest Mode wallpaper from Chrome OS.

If this discussion about Chrome OS tablet was happening a few months ago, things would have been different. Google Play Store on Chromebooks has changed the whole discussion. I think the market is ready for a Chrome OS tablet. This may not be the way that the original Chrome OS tablet enthusiasts would have wanted, but still, it will be satisfying to see a tablet running Chrome OS.

Will Google release a Pixel tablet running Chrome OS, or will Samsung be the next company to bring a Chrome OS tablet to the market?

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