Stylus Support Spotted in Chrome OS Code

I am prepared for a variety of new things that might show up in Chrome OS in the near future, thanks to the addition of Android apps support. Here is one such possible future that recently showed up in the code; stylus support.

It was very recently that we saw reports of “Chromebook Pro” being mentioned in Google’s surveys. I am not convinced that Google will name their Chrome OS convertible tablet Chromebook Pro because Microsoft has a Surface Pro and Apple calls their Surface Pro “iPad Pro”. Still, a Chrome OS device that has similar hardware seems to be an attractice combination to have.

One of the first official renditions of Chrome OS tablets.

And Then The Stylus

According to a code commit unearthed by Chrome Unboxed, has detailed mentions of “pens”. Like so:

Some devices with a pen may have a switch that can be used to detect when the pen is inserted or removed to a slot on the device. Let’s add a define to the input event codes so that everyone can be on the same page for what event we should generate when the pen is inserted or removed.

In general the pen switch could be used by the software on the device to kick off any number of actions when the pen is inserted or removed.

Okay, no one is saying the word “Stylus”. However, from the way they have explained it, this code is for stylus support.

Currently we know only about a board named Kevin with rk3399 processor getting this feature, but we might see more of this in the near future. We will keep you posted!

Stay tuned!

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