Save to Google Keep With This Official Chrome Extension

Google Keep has always been this mystery kid of the family to me. The product lives off-the-radar for most time and gets press occasionally (there haven’t been many occasions). Yesterday was such an occasion.

Lack of regular news or updates does not mean that this app is not popular. The number of installations and ratings are impressive on Google Play Store. I know at least two hardcore Google Keep fans personally.

Google released an update to Keep yesterday, bringing some design and usablity updates to the Android app. On the web, the biggest change is the introduction of the official Chrome extension.

Google Keep Chrome Extension makes it easy to add content to your Google Keep account. The current page is saved to Keep with a single click. The message that appears after adding the page lets you include a label or a note. You can remove the link to the page from this message. You can delete or view the saved note from the same message.

The extension does not save any image from the web page. I hope to see this on one of the future updates.

If you want to add a note instead of saving the current page, right click the Keep icon on the toolbar and choose New black note. Clicking the icon from the New Tab Page also gives this option.

Download and install Google Keep extension from here.

3 Places To “Save”

So, now I have Google Keep to save notes and web pages. Then there is Google Save. Yesterday, Google announced one more place where I can save links. Inbox.

The Inbox app now a new feature that lets you add links for later. In Inbox, this is part of a set of functionalities around how it treats links.

When I read the news, I thought everything that I save from all these different services will show in a common place, But no. Google Save does not seem to have any idea about its cousins in the same business.

Google, just because there is Pocket, One Note, and Evernote, you do not need three separate services to compete with each of them.

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