Here is Chromium Logo in Material Design. Chrome Logo Update Coming Soon

The Material Design update for Chrome and Chrome OS is slow and lands in bits and pieces, making it hmm, less exciting to say the least. I was hoping for a big update to Chrome OS with Material Design update, giving me a chance to devour the beauty of newly designed Chrome OS at once. But no.

The latest piece (or rather upcoming piece) of Material Design for Chrome will however will be exciting and will make headlines. The Google Chrome logo.

For now, the Chromium logo has been updated, and the Chrome logo update is coming soon according to François Beaufort.

Here is the updated logo from the latest version of Chromium:


To see the difference, here is a comparison (sorry, I couldn’t find any larger version of the new logo yet. Will update as soon as I have one).

Given the size of the logo we have at hand, the only thing that I can say is that the color is bit darker on the new one. Any other differences that you guys noticed?

PS: Stay tuned for the updated Chrome logo.

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