Microsoft OneDrive App for Android Gets Chromecast Support

Microsoft has updated their OneDrive app for Android with Chromecast support (or Google Cast support actually). You can now cast photos and videos from your OneDrive account to your Chromecast connected TV.

The What’s New section of the Version 3.2.0 releases announces this feature as “Cast your photos and videos to your TV with Chromecast.”


I am assuming that most of the regular readers of Chrome Story use Google Drive, mostly, but if there are any OneDrive fans here, I am sure this news has made you happy.

One response to “Microsoft OneDrive App for Android Gets Chromecast Support”

  1. I would not call me a OneDrive fan. However, I recently switched all my photos and videos from Google Drive to OneDrive. There were several reasons. First, Google doesn’t pin protect purchases from their web-based store. To buy the extra storage needed, I needed to have a credit card on file… leaving me vulnerable. Second, while they are working to end the G+/G Drive dichotomy, they still have poor handling of photos and videos. For example, lack of thumbnails and inconsistent handling depending on how you access the media. No Chromecast support (at least from Web, not sure about Android). Third incredibly slow download speed. Fourth, relatively expensive. For what I was paying Google for 1Tb, I get 5Tb (as a family plan) on OneDrive… plus that gives me access to Microsoft Office. (Not important to me, but it is to my daughter.)

    Google Drive has essentially stagnated. Google is great at flashy ideas, but they never finish anything. Google Drive is a classic example.

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