Google Payments are Now Fully Integrated with Chrome Autofill

While Android team is busy with Android Pay, the Chrome team is perfecting Chrome Autofill to store and use credit cards easily. Will there be a bridge between these two at some point, we do not know.

François Beaufort reports that Google Payments are now fully integrated with Chrome’s autofill.  To enable, check the new “Show addresses and credit cards from Google Payments” checkbox in chrome://settings/autofill. You’ll be able to easily autofill your web checkout forms with addresses and payment information from Google Payments.

From the chrome://settings-frame/autofill page, you can edit or even add a new credit card to Chrome Autofill. Editing however will require you to enter your Google account password. Once authenticated, you will be redirected to Google Wallet’s website. So that’s the security side of it. ( I just logged in and removed a couple of old cards. I recommend doing that)

From the Google Wallet page, you can manage your Google Payment options, including setting a default card for purchases.

This feature will require some educating the users to be successful. I am really curious about how Google will tackle that bit.

via François Beaufort

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