Chrome Easter Egg T-Rex Game Updated, Now Features Pterodactylus

Remember the Chrome Easter Egg that lets you play a game when your internet connection is down? Chrome team has updated the game an additional character, Pterodactylus! (I had to Google that one up, btw)

The game still works the same way, when your internet is down, you will see a  T-Rex on the network error page. Click on it and and the game begins. Press <Up> and <Down> to jump.

Now, if your score hit 500, you will start seeing pterodactyls, along with cactus and the rest. Here, take a look:

So, play on, and drop a comment with your highest score (may be a screenshot as a proof along with that). And yes, we really need a way to play this even when the internet is on. Do we have any?

Thanks François Beaufort!

2 responses to “Chrome Easter Egg T-Rex Game Updated, Now Features Pterodactylus”

  1. Press ctrl+shit+i to enter developer mode. Then click on the phone icon just next to the magnifying glass. From the network dropdown list select offline, uncheck the checkbox next to the screen resolution selection and hit refresh. Now you’re ready to play even when online.

  2. skstechblog

    Here’s the android version of the game that can be played without pulling the wifi plug-

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