This Chrome App Helps You Save Your Wifi Hotspot Credentials and Login Automatically

Do you connect to Wifi hotspots that requires you to enter a user name and password? If you are getting bored of entering those every time you connect to those hotspots, here is a Chrome app for you.

Built by Google’s François Beaufort, My Hotspots is a Chrome app that helps you store your Wifi hotspot username and passwords and connect to them when requested.

François Beaufort built this extension to show off a new Chrome API that has landed in the dev channel (which also means that for now, you will need Chrome OS dev channel to try out this extension).

Captive Portal API is documented in detail if you are interested in developing something around this. If you work for a company that provides Wifi hotspots, this will be a cool project that you can use to impress your boss!

For users, if you need your service provider added to the list, you can contribute via GitHub here.

Alright, enough talk. Here is the download link!

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