Chrome for Android Gets Push Notifications

Is there something beyond apps for mobiles? Looks like Google is out to figure that out. They have added a new feature to Chrome for Android Beta which enables websites that you visit send push notifications, just like on the desktop version of Chrome.

From Google’s blog:

This release of Chrome supports the new emerging web standard for push notifications on Android and desktop, enabling users to opt in to allow a specific website to send them push notifications just like an installed native app. Over the coming weeks, mobile web users will be able to opt into receiving push notifications from early adopters including Beyond the Rack, eBay, Facebook, FanSided, Pinterest, Product Hunt, and VICE News. Roost and Mobify also provide services that make it easy for developers to integrate web-based push notifications into their site with minimal custom implementation work.

This sounds like a step towards application of the web. The next time you visit a supported website, it can take your permission to send you push notifications. Like a price change on eBay or an update on Facebook. Add the fact that you can already add websites to Android’s home screen as app-like icons and you get a picture of where this is going.

Web developers are getting things to play with, making the website look and interact more like an app, in this appyfied new world.

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