“Show Saved Copy” Of Webpages When A Page Fails to Load on Chrome

Soon, you will see a new option on Chrome when a page fails to load. “Show Saved Copy” If you have a “stale copy” of webpage in Chrome’s cache, you will be able to view that instead of the error message.

This idea has been floating around for a while. Now, this is available on the Dev channel of Chrome OS behind a flag. If you enable  chrome://flags/#show-saved-copy  and restart your browser, you will get the following option when a page fails to load (if you have a saved copy of that page).

As usual, it will take few more weeks before this feature show up on Stable or Beta channel of Chrome and Chrome OS. So, if you see an option like this, don’t be surprised. I already told you about this!

via François Beaufort.

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