Google Now is Coming to Chrome’s App Launcher!

I’m not surprised, because we have been expecting this for a while now. I am however happy to welcome this new feature from Android to Chrome and Chrome OS.

Google Now cards part of Chrome Launcher 2.0 which is expected to be rolled out to us in the upcoming Beta release coming next week.

According to François Beaufort, It’s fast, simple, and helps you get things done. Search has been enhanced to help you find what you are looking for faster, apps you most often use right have been put at your fingertips, and the power of Google Now has been brought to your Chromebook.

With this, Google Doodles and Google Now, both are available on Chrome OS and Android. Android apps are slowly coming to Chrome OS. Do we see a theme here?

If you are on stable channel, wait for a couple more weeks and you’ll see this on your Chromebook. Or may be this is the best time to switch to Beta channel!. For the Beta and Dev channel users, well, time to play around the new piece of Google pie!

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