Chromecast Now Works With Remote Control of Your TV

Google Chromecast lets you use your phone as remote for your connected TV. However, what if you want to use the original remote itself?

Well, you can now. This was added with the latest OS update to Chromecast. So now, you can start casting from your laptop in the bedroom, walk into the room where the TV is, and use the remote control to play, pause, or control volume.

Support for the traditional TV remotes is one of the features that Chromecast users have been asking for. However, here is one more reason why they added this now, according to Janko Roettgers:

Android TV devices, some of which are starting to reach shelves this spring, also support casting via Google Cast, and most of these devices come with a traditional TV remote control. 

Imagine someone buying a TV that they cannot control with an easy remote control! That’s the issue that Google is actually addressing here. They have added this feature now to Google Cast, the platform that helps Android TV and Chromecast do these fancy stuff.

Well, Chromecast users, I did not know that Google can still find ways to make you happier!

via Janko Roettgers.

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