A Weird Bug on Chrome for Mac Has Been Found and Fixed

If you are on Mac, yes this bug has already been fixed. You should still read this. If you use Windows or Linux and do not have any interest on OSX, you too should read this, for fun.

The culprit here is a phrase in an Assyrian script. If this phrase appears anywhere on a webpage that you visit (using Chrome on Mac), your browser will crash. It can be a webpage, or a chat message or even a Facebook post someone shared.

Here is the bug report:

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Any page with _________ will crash the chrome tab on a Mac
2. Just create any dummy page with the unicode characters, and the Mac Chrome tab will crash hard

What is the expected result?
Expect it not to crash

What happens instead?
It crashes

This is pretty serious. You could imagine someone spamming this message in hangouts/gmail and just straight-up force crashing all Mac Chrome browsers. Someone could post this on Facebook, and force-crash all Mac Chrome browsers that saw it.

I have removed the actual word from step 1 in that bug report, just in case you are using Chrome from OSX and do not have the latest version installed. You are safe if you have version 41.0.2272.104 or later installed on your Mac.

PS: I should have posted this as soon as I saw this news on The Verge. Now, the bug has already been fixed and I lost the opportunity to crash Chrome for a few readers of Chrome Story!

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  1. maisonpulaski – United States

    Can you get them to fix this bug… If you are highlighting text for copy and paste you cannot scroll down and highlight. But if you highlight from the bottom of the page and scroll up it works fine.

    Thanks for getting on that request for me.

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