Files App in Chrome OS Gets Material Design Makeover

Looks like Google is planning  material design update for Chrome OS in phases, or app by app. We saw the new tab page getting update first, then the launcher and now, the latest developer channel update brings Material Design to the Files app.



The material design looks pretty nice on the files app, and the animations are working smooth, smoother than what I have on my Nexus 4 phone (at least in my experience!)

The question is, whether this will stay smooth across the operating system when Material Design update is complete. I am assuming that things will be pretty smooth because of all the processing power all the new Chromebooks come with. The ARM based Chromebooks however will have a tough time coping up with the animations.

Now, we can all go back to waiting for the complete Material Design update. I am hoping for a Pixel 2.0 for Google I/O 2015, demoing Chrome OS in Material Design.

What do you think?

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  1. I’m with you, Dinsan!
    So excited!! 😀

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