Chromecast is Now the No.1 Streaming Device in the U.S

This one sounds like a great post to get back to blogging, after an unexpected, unplanned one week break. Our beloved Chromecast is now the most popular streaming device in the US market. The latest stats shared by Google during their quarterly earning call said 1 billion casts via the platform so far.

Chromecast usage has increased 60%, Google said during the call. This is not surprising because I have seen the device growing in popularity among my friends, number of articles and press coverage increasing day by day and also a huge community of Chromecast users in Google Plus.


I wonder if the team at Google who developed this little baby ever expected such a huge acceptance! And I can’t wait to see what they are planning for Chromecast 2.0.

Make it fast you guys!

One response to “Chromecast is Now the No.1 Streaming Device in the U.S”

  1. I bought a Chromecast thinking that it was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread and canned beer.
    I set everything up in the expectation that I could cast my extensive photo collection from traveling in slide shows or simply scrolling through. I also thought that I could cast the video that I took.
    Huge wake up. NO, this does NOT work.
    Talk about extreme disappointment.
    So, I ran a LONG HDMI cable between my laptop and the TV. Everything worked like a charm.
    In my book Chromecast is an overhyped useless piece of crappola!!!

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