Chrome OS’ Virtual Keyboard to Get Android Like Gesture Typing?

Notice that question mark at the end of the title? Well, that’s because I am writing this based only on a commit log that I saw this morning. So, things can go either way, and this is just a speculation. You have been warned.

Now that disclaimers are out of our way, here is the real thing. I saw this little commit log which looks like a very early step towards adding gesture typing (sliding your finger along the letters to type, on your phone?) to Chromebook’s virtual keyboard. (Or may be it is not a Chrombook. Okay, too early to speculate that. Here is the commit:

Add a –enable-gesture-typing flag. Currently this flag does nothing.

I don’t have any other details as of now, and will not have anything to share until we see some more activity or a functional flag in Dev channel. But until then, do you have any conspiracy theory to share?

Do you they are working on a Chrome OS tablet for Google I/O? Or may be a tablet that runs Chrome OS and Android? Let me know what you think!

PS: Here is a video of gesture typing on Android

Thanks Jonathan Roemer for your help!

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