More Broadwell Chromebooks In The Works

More François Beaufort coming your way today! Here is three more Chrome OS boards that as François Beaufort reports, are being tested by the Chrome OS team.

These new Chrome OS boards are named Paine, Yuna and Lulu. There isn’t any information available about these boards other than the fact that they all use Intel’s 5th Generation processors platform, also known as Broadwell.

Chrome OS boards as you all know are test hardware that the team put together. Not every one of them make it to actual Chromebooks or Chromeboxes. We don’t even really know if they are Chromebooks, Chromeboxes or something totally new.

Anyways, we at least know that we will see more Broadwell Chromebooks in 2015. And yes, I will post if I find more information about these boards!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi,

    New chips is great, and very good news for Chromebooks, and for me as I will be replacing my Samsung Chromebook (2012) sometime this year. But I’m still waiting for THE Chromebook that isn’t a pixel that comes with a 12″ display, do you think it might come along in 2015 ?

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