Google Sold More Chromecasts Than Apple TVs This Year in the US

First of all, thanks OMG Chrome for this awesome find. A day or two after the news that Google sold more Chromebook than iPads to schools in the US, here is one more happy Google news folks.

During the first nine months of 2014, Google sold 20% of all the TV Streaming devices in the US when Apple with the Apple TV sold 17%. This data is from The industry watchers Parks Associates’ streaming media device data.

Now, there are two things to note here. Apple is not putting a lot of marketing efforts behind Apple TV, at least when you compare iPads and iPhones. They have called it a “hobby” couple of times. Second thing. Apple TV sells for $99 and Chromecast for $35 (and sometimes with discounts). That is definitely a big factor influencing buying decisions.

This is not to underestimate Chromecast and its success. Chromecast is a great product and has been growing rapidly in popularity. And these numbers are without including the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales, and also the ongoing shopping season. When we have the final numbers for 2014, I am sure Chromecast will have better numbers to report.

Starting from nothing and making this far with the first version of a product? That’s totally awesome.

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