Google Updates Chrome Web Store With “Support” Section for Apps

Google has made a bunch of changes to listings on the Chrome Web Store. As OMG Chrome notes in their article about this, we are yet to see a material design makeover of the Web Store. But still, these are a bunch of useful little tweaks.

Support Tab

The first thing you will notice is “Support” tab on Chrome Web Store listings. If the app has a dedicated support website, you will see a link to that page. If the app does not have a support website, this section becomes one.

You can post a question, report a problem or make a suggestion. You can also browse through questions posted by other users. If you know the answer to one of the questions posted there, a Reply link is waiting for you.

You will need a Google+ account to do all this though. (Okay, you can start complaining about that now, Google forcing you to use Google Plus, again.)

Website Link for Hosted Apps

If the app that you are looking at is the old school Hosted App, or a Glorified Bookmark as we  call them around this part of the town, you will see a “Visit Website” link next to the “Add to Chrome” icon. So, if you want to try out the app before installing that shortcut, you can do that easily now.

Sounds good Google. But tell me, when are you giving me my Lollipopped Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store?

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