Google Chrome for Mac Becomes 64 Bit Only

After giving us an early hint, Google has started officially rolling out 64 Bit only update for Chrome for MacOS. Version 39 of Chrome for Mac is 64 bit only.

The best part about this update is, users need not download a separate 64 bit installer to switch to this new version. If your Mac is supported, Google will take care of this in the background.

The flip side is, if you have an unsupported version of OSX, you will stop getting Chrome updates.

“Nearly every Mac user has a computer capable of running this 64-bit version, so we’re automatically updating all Mac Chrome beta channel users. Those few users with first-generation Intel Macs will miss out on the fun, but as we bid them farewell, we’ll remind them that they’ll still be able to run the latest version on the stable channel, Chrome 37.

Since most of the OSX users will be on the latest operating system (and many others update their hardware periodically) this may not be a big issue in the OSX land.

So, if you are on a supported mac, congratulations, and enjoy your faster, better Google Chrome!

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