“Crosh Window” Puts Chrome OS’s Terminal in a Chrome App

Use Chrome OS’s terminal much? Here is a Chrome app for you. Crosh Window puts the terminal in an app, independent of your Chrome window. (For those who have never used the terminal in Chrome OS, like most of the other things, Chrome OS puts the terminal also in a tab, or window)

The app is simple, so is the official description “When clicked, this app opens a new crosh window without any chrome. This way, Ctrl-N/T/etc go to crosh and aren’t picked up by Chrome.”

You must have Google’s Secure Shell app installed for Crosh Window to work. Secure Shell is ” is an xterm-compatible terminal emulator and stand-alone ssh client for Chrome. It uses Native-Client to connect directly to ssh servers without the need for external proxies.”

As I said, if you use Chrome OS terminal quite often, this is an app that you will find useful. Download it from here.

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