Admins Can Now Set the Behavior of the Top Row of Keys on Chromebooks

Google just pushed an update to the enterprise Admin Console, giving additional control to admins. Change the behavior of the top row of keys on Chrome OS devices.

“A new user setting allows admins to set the behavior of the top row of keys on a Chrome device keyboard.”

If you are a Chromebook owner, you already know and use the special top row keys on the device. (I didn’t know that they call them “Media keys”). With this update, admins can switch them back to traditional function keys if they want. According to the help article, users will still be able to toggle between these options.

Determines the behavior of the top row of keys on the keyboard. If this policy is unset or set to media keys, the keyboard’s top row of keys will act as media keys. If the policy is set for function keys, then the keys will act as function keys (e.g. F1, F2). In both scenarios, users will be able to change the behavior. Also, users can turn a media key to a function key (and vice versa) by holding down the search key.

via Chrome Releases Blog

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