Google Launches New Chromebooks For Work Subscription – $50/Year

Note: Do not get confused, this does not include a Chromebook, this is just the admin panel and other features for $50 a year.

Google had schools and businesses in mind when they started pushing Chromebooks commercially. I am not saying the consumer market was ignored, but they had a preference for education and enterprise markets.

The school thing worked out well. More and more schools are deploying Chromebooks. However, the momentum on the enterprise side of things is not as fast as Google had wanted.

Here is one more attempt from Google to make this push happen. A simpler subscription model.

After listing out a variety of enterprise-friendly features, the Chrome Blog says:

More flexibility on pricing: Starting today, customers can purchase all of these advanced features, management, and support through a new annual subscription option of $50 per device per year. This new pricing option is available first in the US and Canada, with more regions to follow. We’re also supporting licensing portability, which means if you lose or replace a Chromebook you can easily apply your existing license to a new device.

You can see device-specific pricing here. When you buy a Chromebook with the Chromebooks for Work program, you get the first year’s service fee, saving $50.

Will this help Google increase the momentum in the enterprise market? Or, should they keep adding enterprise-friendly features to make these offerings compelling to companies?


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