Chromebooks Getting a Dedicated Audio Player App [Future Feature]

I copied and pasted the title from one of my previous blog posts about the Video Player app and edited it for this post, because this is almost the same news, this time for Audio.

Chrome OS has a video player app now, but audio player is still a part of the Files app. (It has its own app icon though)

The media player and the gallery were separated and made standalone apps. They are doing this now for the audio player.

The Files app handles audio for now, but with this change (hoping that it will make it to Chrome OS) there will be two separate apps for audio and video.

And it is good. After separating from the Files app, Google added more capabilities to the new media player app and the gallery app. Media player got Chromecast support, and the Gallery got better editing capabilities. So, it is safe to assume that the new Audio player will bring in new features, may be even Google Play Music support.

Here is the official commit log (This is not saying much of course!):

Separate the audio player app from

Start guessing what’s coming to the new audio player app, shall we?

Special thanks to Mike McLoughlin for the help!

3 responses to “Chromebooks Getting a Dedicated Audio Player App [Future Feature]”

  1. I’m confused. I’ve been using the audio player shown above for months. Isn’t that already a dedicated standalone player? Google Play Music support would be awesome though if it meant you didn’t actually have to have Google Play Music open in a tab or window, and it used far less RAM than doing so. Then you would only have to open the webpage to do more involved things like adding music, creating and editing playlists, etc.

  2. That would be number 2 on my wishlist for Chrome OS (number one being the ability to access network drives) and I would love it to be a tiny bit better than the Enjoy Music Player

  3. Bro I hope Chromebooks get a dedicated audio player in 2023. That isn’t here, and we currently have to use the gallery app, which is nice for music but just isn’t right.

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