Chrome OS Gets a New Battery Usage Tracker for Apps and Websites

Here is a cool new feature Google added to Chrome OS. Just like your Android phone or tablet, Chromebooks can now tell you which app or website is draining battery.

Each website/app shows a battery usage percentage. Clicking on it opens the Detailed Settings page where you can stop the website/app by simply clicking on the “Stop” button, says François Beaufort

Here is how it looks like:

This is available only on the Dev channel for now, and may not always work as expected. I got a blank screen when I tested this. Few more weeks, and we will see this landing on the Beta and Stable channels!

Storage Per App/Website

Right next to this new battery setting is the “Storage” button, which might be new, I am not 100% sure, shows storage each app or website is using on your Chromebook. This is also going to be useful while trying to figure out certain issues with your Chromebook.

If your Chromebook is experiencing battery draining issues, this is your chance to investigate and figure out what’s draining the battery the most.

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