IT Admins Can Soon Set Policies on Chrome for Android and iOS

Google is extending the enterprise-friendly features of Chrome to the mobile versions of the browser.

At present, IT admins can set enterprise policies for Chrome users on Windows, Mac, and Linux. A recent announcement from Google states that this feature is coming to Chrome for iOS and Android too.

Since April 2013, admins have had the capability to set 100+ Chrome policies for users on Chrome Devices, Windows, Mac, and Linux when they sign-in to Chrome with their Google Apps account.

Today we are providing an early preview of applying some of these same policies to Chrome on Android and iOS as well. For example, you set bookmarks through the Managed Bookmarks setting on Google Admin console and it gets pushed to Chrome on all 6 platforms, including mobile. Similarly, you can set the Proxy policy or the Password Manager policy once and it will apply on Chrome on all 6 platforms. For more information on how to turn on this early preview feature, please see the link below.

For more information:
Apply policies to Chrome on Android and iOS

via Google Apps Updates Blog.

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