“Quanta”, The Company That Makes OLPC Laptops is Making a Chromebook!

Craig Tumblison found  a new education Chromebook from a company called “Quanta Computers” mentioned in the Chromium code today. At first, this was not very exciting to me. We see new boards very often, and we also see new OEMs joining once in a while. However, going through their list of products, I found something interesting. They make the OLPCs. Plus Quanta is the largest manufacturer of notebook computers in the world

OLPC has been in this “Laptops for Education” thing (not as a business) for almost a decade now. We do not know if OLPC has something to do with this. Yet. But if they do, we have something really big here. Even without OLPC’s support, Quanta can still do good in the Chromebook market since schools buy up most of the Chromebooks produced.

Back to the leak.

The leak comes from the recovery.conf directory hosted by Google that allows you to recover your Chromebook should something go wrong. It’s common practice to release the recovery image when the device is announced, but this time it seems to have happened early” says Craig Tumblison.

We do not have any information on the specs yet, not even the basic info like the processor and ports etc.We’ll have to wait for all that. But for now, someone please tell me OLPC is making a Chromebook!!!


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