Here is the Rockchip RK3288 Chromebook

Remember all those talk about Rockchip and Chrome OS running on one of their boards? Here is a very nice looking Chromebook using the same ARM chip. This is a 13.3″ RK3288 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A12 with Mali-T764 powered Chromebook. You get 2GB RAM.

It is not running Chrome OS, but Chromium OS, the open source version. Hopefully they will be able bring Google certified Chrome OS to the market soon. There is already a Chrome OS board that Google is testing with the same chip. 

If everything goes right, the team is planning to bring this Chromebook to the market in Q3 this year, for a very attractive price. Here is a video demo:

The looks get 10/10 from me. Is it looking similar to the thin laptops made by that company named after a fruit? A little bit? What do you think?

PS: The best part of this video is not the Chromebook. The team says yes when the author asked if they can put Chrome OS in a stick, something of the size of your Chromecast.  Since Rockchip is famous for such devices, this is a BIG thing for us Chromies. A portable Chrome OS USB stick sometime soon?

via ARM Devices.

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