I Know What You Did Last Summer, Dear Chrome Extension!

Well, you can say that your Chrome extensions very soon. Here is how.

Chrome team added a new feature to the Chrome Developer Tool today which let users audit any app or extension and get visibility into the precise actions that it’s performing.

Once you’ve installed the Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tool, it will start locally auditing your extensions and apps as you use them. For each app or extension, you can see historical activity over the past few days as well as real-time activity by clicking the “Behavior” link. The tool highlights activities that involve your information, such as reading website cookies or modifying web sites, in a privacy section.

Plus, there is a handy search option, which will make it easier for users to figure out if any extension made any changes on the webpage they are experiencing trouble with etc. And there is a Realtime tab, which gives you a view of extensions’ actions in realtime.

These new features are going to make both users and extensions developers happy, except those who build creepy Chrome extensions!

via Chromium Blog.

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