You Can Now Watch Youtube Live Streams on Chromecast

Just in time for Google I/O right?

Chromecast now supports Youtube Live Streams in 18 countries. Setting up those extended Google I/O meetups and your personal geeky Google I/O set up got a lot easier!

Here is the official announcement:

YouTube live streams are #NowCasting
With #Chromecast available in 18 countries and+YouTube live streams happening on the regular, we wanted to share one of our favorite ways to use Chromecast. Head to one of the live streams below in the YouTube app, just press the cast button, then kick back and enjoy these live events from the comfort of your living room.

I know that there are a lot of things that you can do with this Youtube Live Stream casting, but Google I/O is going to be the most geeky thing to think of now. Got any other interesting casting ideas? Let me know!

PS: My friend Brent Sullivan has created a Google Plus community for Chromecast lovers. Go ahead and join if you are a Chromecast owner!

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