AllCast is now “All Cast” Here is Why!

AllCast is an application developed by ace Android developer Koushik Dutta. It was one of the first Chromecast supported Android apps, and also the most talked about, because of all those awesome features that Koush packed it with.

But this time around, things are different. AllCast no longer a Chromecast only app. It can cast your phone’s content to any device that has Chrome on it.

Yes. All. Cast.

To enable this, you have to install the AllCast Receiver extension for Chrome. This makes your Chrome browser a Chromecast receiver. You can send videos, photos or music to Chrome from your Android phone or tablet.

I can already imagine so many use cases for this feature. I am sure everyone will find minimum one favorite thing to do with AllCast and Chrome, sharing photos, watching movies or playing music!

Here is a video demo:

Great work Koush!!

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