Import Supervised Users on Google Chrome

Here is a neat feature in the works for Google Chrome, available on the Canary channel for now. We can now import supervised users we’ve already created.

A quick note on Supervised users first. They are sometimes called managed users as well. Here is the official description of what they are:

A supervised user is a special type of Chrome user who can browse the web with guidance. Under the supervision of the manager, a supervised user can browse the web and sign in to websites. Supervised users don’t need a Google Account or an email address because the manager creates a profile for the supervised user through the manager’s Google Account.

As a manager of a supervised user, you can see the user’s browsing history, block specific sites, and approve which sites the user can see, all from the supervised user’s dashboard that is accessible from any browser.

François Beaufort reports that this feature is already available on the Canary channel.

The process is pretty simple: Go to chrome://settings, and click on the “Add new user…” button like you would do to add a new Chrome user.
Then, click on the “Import an existing supervised user” link and select the Supervised User you want and that’s all!

Apart from this, the Chrome team is planning to implement sync for managed users and their shared settings. Wait for a big announcement (as in, a blog post on the official Chrome blog) soon!

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  1. This is WONDERFUL! Have been waiting for this. I have 4 chrome OS devices used by 5 different kids. I wasn’t up to the task of creating supervised users for EACH kid on EACH device. This will be a huge timesaver.

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