Chrome OS Gets Pinch-to-Zoom

Following up a newly added feature for Chrome on Windows 8, Chrome OS also got pinch-to-zoom enabled by default. This feature is currently available in the Dev channel, and you don’t need any flags to turn it on. There is a flag to disable this feature if you want to.

This may not be exciting news for most of us, because Chromebook Pizel and Acer Touchscreen Chromebook owners are limited in number. But I am sure there will be more touch screen enabled Chromebooks in the market soon, and many will get to enjoy this feature.

If you are a Pixel/Acer touchscreen Chromebook owner, do not forget to try this out when you have the next update! Here is a video demo:

Now to the official commit log:

Enable pinch-to-zoom on CrOS by default.

Enabled old (Android-style) pinch-to-zoom by default in CrOS to match
Windows 8 change in r247390. Also made it so that it can be disabled
with –disable-pinch on both CrOS and Win8.

via François Beaufort

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